What are the symptoms that occur during alcohol withdrawal timeframe

The process of detoxification from alcohol is quite complex and risky. It aims to provide complete detachment from alcohol to a person and makes his body ready to adapt his regular life again. The criticality of withdrawal procedure depends upon how long-standing and severe his addiction has been. If a person has been highly prone to alcohol and could not stay away from it, then the alcohol withdrawal timeframe would be high. Also, it depends upon many other factors such as the condition of the person’s body, how long his body takes to adapt the medicines and much more. Due to this, it is impossible to determine accurately that how long does it take to detox from alcohol. However, the general period of detox process could be achieved with the help of professionals and experienced health care takers.

Alcohol withdrawal timeframe- symptoms in the detoxification process

Initial hours of detox- the main symptoms which will b noticed in the initial few hours of detoxification include cravings. They are the definitive sign that the body has started adapting the detox process. Craving could happen within hours after you took your last drink and decided to take the detox process. Some other noticeable symptoms include physical sickness, depression, anxiety, hikes in blood rate and heart rate, nightmares, insomnia and much more. These symptoms usually stay for a short period however in some cases they can persist for long and can progressively get worse.

First 2 days of detoxification- just after the initial hours have completed more dangerous and severe symptoms occurs. They are extremely devastating and can lead to hallucinations and deadly seizures. The general symptoms developed in the first two days of the process include seizures which are noticed initially in 12 to 48 hours after last drink. It can continue to several days after the process starts. Increased heart rate continues, and chest pain may be felt. These symptoms can even become life threatening, and the brain can react to alcohol adversely. In many cases, the process ends after 48 hours, but if these symptoms prevail, then the patient has to continue the process for long.

Remaining days of detoxification process- the initial symptoms will start declining after 47 hours are completed, and the person’s mind and body will start adapting detox process. However, it is essential to manage the activities of the person closely and give him continuous medical observation. Some of the symptoms which remain include the state of confusion, cardiovascular events, heart attacks or strokes. They usually occur within 48 to 96 hours from the last drink has been taking. They gradually decrease after ten days.

Well after reading the whole alcohol withdrawal timeframe, you would have also understood that it is not possible to define exactly that how long does it take to detox from alcohol. The detoxification process could be psychologically and physically dangerous. A lot of health complication and cravings prove out to be the obstacles in this process. It is quite scary as people are afraid to lose their life, but if you commit to yourself and strengthen your will power, you can get through all the obstacles and can win the battle against alcohol.

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