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How long does it take to detox from alcohol, and know how it works?

These days alcohol is becoming a major problem for most of the population because more than 40% youth is an alcohol addict. This is the major threat to the future, of their family, and also to their carrier. These days government is supporting many rehabilitation centers and many NGOs that help common people to get rid of this addiction. We all know that excess of anything can destroy us, and toxic substance like alcohol is very hazardous for health. Along with these addicted people, their families also suffer, because this addiction destroys many lives. The first question that asked by the families of these patients is, how long does it take to detox from alcohol.

There are few major points that need to be kept in mind when you send your patient to a rehabilitation center. There is a various process for this, and this process could prove very painful for the patient, but that could help them to keep themselves away from alcohol. You can ask for few things in the rehabilitation center you can ask for alcohol withdrawal timeframe. These centers will give all the answers for your questions.

But the toughest question that everyone wants to know the answer of how long does it take to detox from alcohol. This is a tough question because this only depends on the patient, that how long he will take for leaving alcohol. Some of them have a good will power, but then also they cannot help themselves, these people recover themselves very soon. But in other cases, it could take time.

What all things that decide alcohol withdrawal timeframe?

Mainly the time frame depends on the very first step against this addiction. The detox process is the first process. This process starts, just after your last drink, and usually, this process takes around seven to ten days. This is just about the first process that took place in the rehabilitation center. This first step is considered as the major process because this will decide the timeframe, in which the patient could recover from his addiction.

When it comes to the overall rehabilitation, covering up all the processes and techniques, it could cover 60-90 days. It all depends on the patient’s physical situation, and also his mental situation. The starting 15 days could be very painful for the patient, and the patient needs to strict supervision at least for starting 30 days. This is because, within this time frame the urge of the alcohol is more, and after this time frame it will automatically lower down the urge of alcohol to very less.


If one could have good will power, and want to get rid of the alcohol, then everything will help you to make yourself strong enough, that a simple urge cannot pull you towards alcohol. When you are have made your mind to leave alcohol than the time frame or the question ‘how long does it take to detox from alcohol’ doesn’t matter for you. Because it’s all up to you, that what do you want if you help yourself in recovering from the addiction.